Oregelbundna verb

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be was, were, been Use:
become became, become Use:
begin began, begun Use:
break broke, broken Use:
bring brought, brought Use:
catch caught, caught Use:
choose chose, chosen Use:
come came, come Use:
cost cost, cost Use:
cut cut, cut Use:
dig dug, dug Use:
do did, done Use:
draw drew, drawn Use:
dream dreamt, dreamt Use:
drink drank, drunk Use:
drive drove, driven Use:
eat ate, eaten Use:
fall fell, fallen Use:
fight fought, fought Use:
fly flew, flown Use:
forget forgot, forgotten Use:
get got, got Use:
give gave, given Use:
go went, gone Use:
grow grew, grown Use:
have had, had Use:
keep kept, kept Use:
know knew, known Use:
lie lay, lain Use:
make made, made Use:
meet met, met Use:
ride rode, ridden Use:
ring rang, rung Use:
rise rose, risen Use:
run ran, run Use:
say said, said Use:
see saw, seen Use:
shake shook, shaken Use:
shine shone, shone Use:
sing sang, sung Use:
sink sank, sunk Use:
sit sat, sat Use:
sleep slept, slept Use:
speak spoke, spoken Use:
spell spelt, spelt Use:
spend spent, spent Use:
steal stole, stolen Use:
swim swam, swum Use:
take took, taken Use:
teach taught, taught Use:
throw threw, thrown Use:
win won, won Use:
write wrote, written Use:
think thought, thought Use:
buy bought, bought Use:
find found, found Use:

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