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  • be was, were, been
  • become became, become
  • begin began, begun
  • break broke, broken
  • bring brought, brought
  • catch caught, caught
  • choose chose, chosen
  • come came, come
  • cost cost, cost
  • cut cut, cut
  • dig dug, dug
  • do did, done
  • draw drew, drawn
  • dream dreamt, dreamt
  • drink drank, drunk
  • drive drove, driven
  • eat ate, eaten
  • fall fell, fallen
  • fight fought, fought
  • fly flew, flown
  • forget forgot, forgotten
  • get got, got
  • give gave, given
  • go went, gone
  • grow grew, grown
  • have had, had
  • keep kept, kept
  • know knew, known
  • lie lay, lain
  • make made, made
  • meet met, met
  • ride rode, ridden
  • ring rang, rung
  • rise rose, risen
  • run ran, run
  • say said, said
  • see saw, seen
  • shake shook, shaken
  • shine shone, shone
  • sing sang, sung
  • sink sank, sunk
  • sit sat, sat
  • sleep slept, slept
  • speak spoke, spoken
  • spell spelt, spelt
  • spend spent, spent
  • steal stole, stolen
  • swim swam, swum
  • take took, taken
  • teach taught, taught
  • throw threw, thrown
  • win won, won
  • write wrote, written
  • think thought, thought
  • buy bought, bought
  • find found, found

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