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Play games with the words in your exercise. Find the games you like the most and that gives you the best learning experience.

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Normally, all words in an exercise is used when performing the test and playing the games. You can choose to include only a subset of the words. This setting affects both the regular test, the games, and the printable tests.

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  • questo+amiche queste amiche
  • quello+telefono quel telefono
  • quello+libri quei libri
  • questo+pizze queste pizze
  • quello+zii quegli zii
  • questo+zia questa zia
  • quello+studenti quegli studenti
  • quello+isola quell'isola
  • quello+ragazza quella ragazza
  • questo+amico quest'amico
  • quello+lezione quella lezione
  • quello+stagioni quelle stagioni
  • questo+bar questo bar
  • quello+raggaze quelle ragazze
  • questo+esercizi questi esercizi

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