abrsm music theory grade 1 vocabulary

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  • accelerando gradually getting quicker
  • adagio slow
  • allegretto fairly quick
  • allegro quick
  • andante at a medium speed
  • cantabile in a singing style
  • crescendo gradually getting louder
  • da capo repeat from the beginning
  • dal segno repeat from the sign
  • decrescendo gradually getting quieter
  • diminuendo gradually getting quieter
  • fine the end
  • forte loud
  • fortissimo very loud
  • legato smoothly
  • lento slow
  • mezzo half
  • mezzo forte moderately loud
  • mezzo piano moderately quiet
  • moderato moderately
  • piano quiet
  • pianoissimo very quiet
  • poco little
  • rallentando gradually getting slower
  • ritardando gradually getting slower 2
  • ritenuto held back
  • staccato detached
  • tempo speed, time

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