abrsm music theory grade 3 vocabulary

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  • adagietto rather slow
  • ad libitum at choice
  • agitato agitated
  • alla breve with a minim beat, implying faster tempo
  • amore love
  • anima soul, spirit
  • animato animated, lively
  • ben well
  • brio vigour
  • comodo convenient
  • deciso with determination
  • delicato delicate
  • energico energetic
  • forza force
  • largamente broadly
  • leggerio light, nimble
  • marcato emphatic, accented
  • marziale in military style
  • mesto sad
  • pesante heavy
  • prima first
  • risoluto bold, strong
  • ritmico rhytmically
  • rubato with some freedom of time
  • scherzando playful, joking
  • seconda second
  • semplice simple, plain
  • sempre always
  • stringendo gradually getting faster
  • subito suddenly
  • tanto so much
  • tranquillo calm
  • triste sad
  • volta time

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