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  • Efforcé Sought
  • Consacré Dedicated
  • Les modalités The terms
  • Rembourser Repay
  • Contesté Disputed
  • Défis Challenges
  • resserrée Tightened(f)
  • auparavant beforehand, previously
  • à l'égard de Toward, concerning
  • C'était difficile de maîtriser la foule It was difficult to control the crowd
  • Malin Knowing, cunning
  • incontournable Inescapeable
  • Un piège A trap
  • Tu piges? You get it?
  • Taux rate, level
  • coup de main Helping hand
  • de rigueur Socially or culturally obligatory
  • esprit de corps Team spirit
  • aborder start up, take on
  • Décaler to bring/move (forward, back, to the side)
  • Clignoter to blink, flash, flicker
  • Orgueil pride, arrogance

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