At the doctors

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  • Where does it hurt? Kur jums sāp?
  • Please show me where it hurts Ludzu paradiet kur jums sāp
  • On what site does it hurt? Kūra pūse jums sap?
  • When does the pain start? Kad sākas sāpes/uznak?
  • Does the pain start suddenly or gradually? Vai sāpes sākas pēkšņi vai pakāpeniski?
  • Does they pain intensify or decrease? Vai sāpes pastiprinās vai samazinās?
  • How is the pain? Kādas ir sāpes?
  • Does the pain radiate? Where? Vai sāpes izstaro? Uz kurieni?
  • How long is this pain? Cik ilgi jums ir šis sāpes?
  • What increases the pain? Kas pastiprina sāpes?
  • What relieves pain? Kas atvieglo sāpes?
  • What makes pain disappear? Kas pariet sāpes?
  • What is happening? Kas izraisa?
  • How strong is the pain from 1 to 10? Cik stipras ir sāpes no viena lidz desmit?

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