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  • Nick (gick) went
  • He (likes) liked
  • school a lot because he (has) had
  • many friends there and during the beaks they talked
  • to the girls and (have) had
  • a lot of fun. Some of the lessons of the lessons (are) were
  • a bit boring, perhaps, but Nick (find) found
  • chemistry and maths were interesting. The teachers usually (give) gave
  • him too much homework, he (think) thought
  • and sometimes he (forget) forgot
  • to do it. Then his mother (get) got
  • very angry with him. Another thing Bertie (doesn't) did'nt
  • like (is) was
  • walking to school early in the morning. Also, he always (thinks) thought
  • that he (doesn't) didn't
  • have enough money. But he (tells) told

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