Biomekanik positioner

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  • sagittal plane divides body into right and left parts
  • frontal plane divides body into front and back parts
  • transverse plane divides body into upper and lower parts
  • posterior (dorsal) in frontal plane, towards the backside
  • anterior (ventral) in frontal plane, towards the front
  • superior (cranial) in transverse plane, above
  • inferior (caudal) in transverse plane, below
  • medial in sagittal plane, towards the midline
  • lateral in sagittal plane, away from the midline
  • superficial towards the surface
  • deep away from the surface
  • proximal towards the trunk
  • distal away from the trunk
  • palmar palm of hand
  • plantar bottom of foot
  • supine standing erect, facing forward, hands by side, palms facing forward

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