Blueprint C week 3

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  • adulthood being grown-up
  • amusement park open area with swings, rides etc.
  • ancestor forefather
  • challenge difficult task that tests a person's abilities
  • compelling addictively interesting and exciting
  • conquer take control
  • endurance the ability to tolerate a difficult situation for a long time
  • hard-wired having automatic functions
  • imagery communication by suggestive pictures
  • overcome deal with
  • pastime something done regularly for pleasure
  • perish be destroyed, die
  • ready oneself prepare
  • respond answer, react
  • savagery violence, cruelty
  • segment part
  • sorely seriously
  • species group of animals or plants
  • stock market a place where business shares are exchanged
  • substantial large, considerable
  • survival continuing to live
  • survive stay alive
  • thoroughly completely
  • threat trouble, danger
  • triumphant very successful
  • venture risky project
  • victorious having won

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