Body parts

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  • hair capelli
  • head testa
  • forehead fronte
  • eyebrows sopraciglia
  • eye, eyes occhio, occhi
  • eyelashes ciglia
  • ear, ears orecchio, orecchie
  • nose naso
  • face facia, viso
  • cheek guancia
  • mouth bocca
  • lips labbra
  • chin mento
  • shoulder spalle
  • breast, breasts seno, seni
  • chest petto
  • stomach pancia
  • arm, arms boccio, boccia
  • hand, hands mano, mani
  • finger, fingers dito, dita
  • nail, nails unghia, unghie
  • tooth, teeth dente, denti
  • tongue lingua
  • leg, legs gamba, gambe
  • knee, knees ginocchio, ginocchia
  • foot, feet piede, piedi
  • toe, toes dito del piede, dita dei piedi
  • skin pelle
  • back schiena
  • mustasch baffi
  • beard barba
  • butt culo
  • body structure corporatura
  • personality carattere

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