born in fire

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  • wondrous exciting, marvelous
  • edifying instructive, enlightening
  • gainfully profitably, usefully
  • befit be suitable for
  • offspring child/ children, baby/ babies
  • squint partly close your eyes to see more clearly; have eyes that look in different directions
  • cunning clever in achieving things
  • ruminatively thinking deeply
  • prompt encourage, urge
  • gabble say something quickly and unclear
  • sputter make small popping/ explosive sounds
  • apprentice trainee, someone learning a trade
  • interject interrupt, cut in
  • dexterity skill cleverness
  • relent give in
  • flickery unsteady
  • yearning longing, desire
  • makings essential qualities
  • perseverance determination, grit
  • incense substance that is aromatic when burned (often in religious ceremonies)
  • indulgent generous, kind
  • rejection refusal, dismissal (of someone)
  • bristle with be full of
  • compound area enclosed by fences or walls
  • dejection gloom, depression
  • riot dazzling display
  • goblet metal or glass cup
  • intricate complex, detailed
  • effusiveness enthusiastic expression of emotions
  • extravagant exaggerated, elaborate

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