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  • passionate excited, enthusiastic
  • to refuse to to deny
  • mainly primary
  • to offer to propose
  • to remain to continue
  • a loner an outsider
  • a commune a village
  • bankruptcy to not be able to pay debts
  • a percussion a musical instrument played by striking with the hand or with a stick or beater
  • a venue a scene, a place
  • to collaborate to work together
  • profoundly deeply, extremely, completely
  • to dissuade to talk out of
  • to overcome to defeat
  • in addition also, further
  • uncertain doubtful
  • to depend on to rely on
  • tireless energetic
  • a tendency in a certain way
  • to preoccupy to engage, to engross the interest
  • simply easily, naturally
  • a new lease of life to use after rejuvenation, to repair
  • to astonish to amaze, to overwhelm
  • to snap up to invigorate
  • phenomenal exceptional, fantastic
  • through done, over
  • despite regardless of, even though
  • to launch to initiate, to introduce
  • although despite, even though

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