Chapter 10

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  • city chéngshì
  • park gōngyuán
  • that place, there nàli
  • hill, mountain shān
  • water shuǐ
  • tree shù
  • flower, blossom, bloom huā
  • scenery, landscape fēngjǐng
  • very much fēicháng
  • beautiful piàoliang
  • air, atmosphere kōngqì
  • fresh xīnxiān
  • many, much duō
  • climb a mountain pá shān
  • climb
  • breathe hūxī
  • busy máng
  • hear of, be told tīngshuō
  • set out, set off, start off chūfā
  • look for, try to find, want to see zhǎo
  • all, everybody, everyone dàjiā
  • tired lèi
  • think, feel juéde
  • take a breather, have a rest xiūxi
  • used after a verb to indicate one action or one try yíxià
  • small, little, petty, minor xiǎo
  • teahouse cháguǎn
  • tea chá
  • drink
  • a little, a bit yìdiǎnr

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