Chapter 6

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  • want to, would like to, be going to xiǎng
  • buy, purchase mǎi
  • computer diànnǎo
  • hundred bǎi
  • unit of money kuài
  • money qián
  • thousand qiān
  • altogether, in all yígòng
  • need xūyào
  • attendant, shop assistant yíngyèyuán
  • want, need yào
  • bread miànbāo
  • kind, sort, type, variety zhǒng
  • this zhè
  • thank, be grateful xièxie
  • you're welcome bú kèqi
  • polite, courteous kèqi
  • what kind do you want nǐ yào nǎ zhǒng
  • how much is this sort for one zhè zhǒng duōshao qián yí ge
  • banana xiāngjiāo
  • half a kilo jīn
  • apple píngguǒ
  • once more, again, one more time zài
  • one cent máo
  • how much for banans per half a kilo xiāngjiāo duōshao qián yì jīn
  • book shū
  • coffee kāfēi
  • milk niúnǎi
  • beer píjiǔ
  • cola, coke kělè
  • strawberry cǎoméi
  • watermelon xīguā

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