Chapter 7

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  • classroom building jiàoxuélóu
  • teaching jiàoxué
  • storeyed building lóu
  • here zhèr
  • library túshūguǎn
  • side biān
  • north běibian
  • south nánbian
  • south nánbian
  • west xībian
  • east dōngbian
  • sports ground yùndòngchǎng
  • gym tǐyùgǔan
  • restaurant fànguǎn
  • also, too, as well, in addition hái
  • supermarket chāoshì
  • go, leave, depart
  • where nǎr
  • bank, banking house yínháng
  • know zhīdào
  • with gēn
  • too, much too tài
  • toilet, washroom wèishēngjiān
  • Im sorry, sorry, excuse me duìbuqǐ
  • it doesnt matter, never mind, thats all right méi guānxi
  • shop, store shāngdiàn
  • inside, interior lǐbian
  • place, location dìfang
  • in front, ahead, before qiánbian
  • see, look, watch kàn
  • there nàr
  • exactly, precisely jiù

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