Chapter 8

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  • jīntiān this day, today
  • yuè month
  • day
  • xīngqī week
  • xīngqīyī monday
  • xīngqī'èr tuesday
  • xīngqīsān Wednesday
  • xīngqīsì Thursday
  • xīngqīwǔ Friday
  • xīngqīliù Saturday
  • xīngqīrì/tiān sunday
  • de used after an attributive word or phrase, (of)
  • shēngrì birthday
  • xià kè finish class, class is over
  • yǐhòu after, afterwords, later
  • zhǔnbèi intend, plan
  • qǐng invite
  • chī eat
  • fàn meal

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