Chapter 8

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  • this day, today jīntiān
  • month yuè
  • day
  • week xīngqī
  • Monday xīngqīyī
  • Tuesday xīngqīèr
  • Wednesday xīngqīsān
  • Thursday xīngqīsì
  • Friday xīngqīwǔ
  • Saturday xīngqīliù
  • Sunday xīngqīrì
  • birthday shēngrì
  • finish class, class is over xià kè
  • after, afterwards, later yǐhòu
  • intend, plan zhǔnbèi
  • invite qǐng
  • eat chī
  • meal, cooked rice or other cereals fàn
  • right, correct, true duì
  • ordinal number hào
  • how about zěnmeyàng
  • express good wishes, wish zhù
  • happy, joyful kuàilè
  • gift, present lǐwù
  • measure word for books, dictionaries, magazines, etc běn
  • book shū
  • pen, pencil, writing brush
  • expressing agreement or compliance a
  • time, (the duration of) time, (a point in) time shíjiān
  • no problem méi wèntí
  • not have, be without méi yǒu
  • question, problem wèntí
  • Chinese (written) language Zhōngwén

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