Chapter 9

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  • every day měi tiān
  • o clock diǎn
  • half bàn
  • get up, get out of bed qǐ chuáng
  • stand up, get up
  • bed chuáng
  • before, earlier, first, in advance xiān
  • have or take a bath, take a shower xǐ zǎo
  • wash
  • and then, after that ránhòu
  • breakfast zǎofàn
  • be less than, fall short of chà
  • quarter
  • classroom jiàoshì
  • begin, start kāishǐ
  • afternoon xiàwǔ
  • frequently, usually, often chángcháng
  • evening, night wǎnshang
  • sometimes yǒu shíhou
  • television diànshì
  • be on the Internet, surf the web shàng wǎng
  • now, at present xiànzài
  • matter, affair, thing, event shì
  • open kāi
  • door, gate mén
  • shut, close guān
  • tomorrow míngtiān
  • english (languauge) yīngwén
  • arrangement, plan ānpái
  • morning, forenoon shàngwǔ
  • friend péngyou
  • meet, see jiàn miàn
  • film, movie diànyǐng
  • goodbye, see you again zàijiàn

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