Chinese lesson 1

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  • I/me wǒ/我
  • you nǐ/你
  • good hǎo/好
  • question mark ma/吗
  • very hěn/很
  • second question mark ne/呢
  • also yě/也
  • one yī/一
  • eight bā/八
  • hello nǐ hǎo/你好
  • strength lì/力
  • door mén/门
  • horse mǎ/马
  • female nǔ/女
  • five wǔ/五
  • wood mù/木
  • fire huǒ/火
  • how are you? nǐ hǎo ma/你好吗?
  • I am fine, and you? wǒ hěn hǎo,nǐ ne/我很好,你呢?
  • I am fine too yě hěn hǎo/也很好

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