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  • Fang(2005-2006) Onion to ocean
  • Brannen & Thomas (2010) Bicultural individuals
  • Eriksen(2007) contemporary globalization
  • Fang & Chimenson (2017) Volvo article
  • Fang(2012) Yin Yang: A new perspective on culture
  • Fang et al (2004) Telia-telenor merger
  • Fang et al (2017) Parachuting international
  • Lewis (2000) Three staged framework for understanding paradox
  • Robertson(2012) Glocalisation
  • Stahl & Tung(2015) Excessive focus on negative sides of cultural differences
  • Van de Vliert et al(2009) Climato-economic factors impede the spread of homogeneous culture
  • Fang (2001) Interfirm adaptation and the chinese shipyard
  • Govindarajan & Ramamurti (2011) Reverse Innovation
  • Luo & Rui (2009) Ambidextrous approach
  • Luo, Sun & Wang(2011) Emerging copycats article

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