Common Chinese words

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  • 一 yī one
  • 在 zài in, at, on
  • 有 yǒu have, possess
  • 个 ge piece, item
  • 我 wǒ I, me, ego, self
  • 不 bù non, not, no, do not
  • 这 zhè now, this, it
  • 了 le entirely
  • 他 tā he, she, it, they
  • 也 yě also, too, as well, either, even
  • 就 jiù then, at once, right away, an indicator strengthening speaker's evaluation
  • 人 rén person, people
  • 都 dōu all, even already
  • 说 shuō speak, talk, explain, scold
  • 而 ér conj.: and yet
  • 我们 wǒmen we
  • 你 nǐ you
  • 了 le particle: indicating new situation; indicating completed action
  • 要 yào want, need, must, should
  • 会 huì to be able, can, will, to meet
  • 对 duì correct, true, toward
  • 及 jí to reach, to catch up, and

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