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  • caput head
  • cranium skull
  • occiput the back part of the skull or head
  • tempora tempel
  • nasus nose
  • s mouth
  • collum neck
  • jugulum throat
  • thorax chest
  • abdomen abdomen
  • epigastrium epigastrium
  • umbilicus navel
  • dorsum back
  • pelvis pelvis
  • inguen groin
  • gluteus buttocks
  • axilla armpit
  • branchium upper arm
  • cubitus elbow
  • antebrachium lower arm
  • manus hand
  • dorsum manus back of the hand
  • palma manus palm
  • carpus wrist
  • metacarpus skeleton of the hand between the wrist and the fingers
  • digiti manus fingers
  • femur thigh
  • genu knee
  • pes foot
  • dorsum pedis back of the foot
  • tarsus ankle and heel
  • metatarsus the skeleton of the foot between the toes and the tarsus
  • digiti pedis toes

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