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  • vigilante specifically American any person who takes the law in their own hands
  • vigilant vigilant is a word is as an adjective
  • vigilance vigilance is a word used as a noun
  • violation it is no infringement but it is a breach of the law, rule, promise (breaking the law) e.g. he was fined for a traffic violation. Sexual especially rape. Infringement, encroachment
  • respondent respondent is a word used as a noun
  • higher - up informal a person in a position of higher authority in an organization
  • power - trip slang using one's power, authority or influence so as to feel very important
  • petty petty is a word used as an adjective
  • shift shift work
  • urge urge is a word used as a verb
  • costly costly is a word used as an adjective
  • woe pain, sorrow, hardship, misery e.g. listen to his tales of woe
  • woe to used as a warning to consequences
  • step out of line to act in an inappropriate or unacceptable way
  • breach violation, infringement
  • weed out to remove some object or more something unwanted or undesirable from a group or collection
  • precisely precisely is a word used as an adverb
  • nuisance annoying person, thing or condition
  • reprimand reprimand (strong use), telling off
  • what is the difference between infringement and violation? When talking about rules or laws, they both mean basically the same thing
  • illegally downloading music is a violation of copyright. Illegally downloading music is an infringement of copyright.
  • violation can also mean to ruin or damage something. Her co - writer violated her great article.
  • infringement can also refer to crossing a line or border that you are not supposed to or allowed to. She felt he was infringing on her personal space.

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