Digesting Mars

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  • rehydrate restore water (to the body)
  • restorative formal making you feel strong and healthy
  • Pending formal until, awaiting
  • treat applay a process to someting to give it particular qualities
  • flare become/make wider
  • despont tyrant
  • lunar relating to the moon
  • coast move without using power
  • launch set in motion; send into space
  • nutritionist expert on the science of food
  • accommodating helpful, easy to work with
  • steer young male cow raised for beef
  • derive get, obtain
  • jettison throw away
  • envision imagine
  • enrich make better by adding something
  • balk at refuse to do something
  • edible can be eaten
  • palatabe pleasant to taste
  • constituent part, component
  • omonous indicating that something bad might happen
  • ill advised not sensible or wise
  • cache a hidden store of thing
  • seal shut, close (up)
  • hull bodt, exterior
  • initially at first, in the beginning

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