Directional terms

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  • towards the middle medial (med.)
  • towards the side lateral (lat.)
  • to opposite side contralateral
  • both sides bilateral (bilat.)
  • on the right dexter (dx.)
  • on the left sinister (sin.)
  • above (entire body) superior (sup.)
  • below (entire body) inferior (inf.)
  • upper (of or relating to the skull) cranial (cran.)
  • lower (of the torso) caudal (caud.)
  • forward (entire body) anterior (ant.)
  • back (entire body) posterior (post.)
  • front (torso) ventral (vent.)
  • back (torso) dorsal (dors.)
  • nearer the torso proximal (prox.)
  • farther from the torso distal (dist.)
  • thumb side (towards the radius) radial
  • little finger side (towards the ulna) ulnar

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