El verbo soler

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  • I usually do (present, imperfect, subjunctive) suelo, solía, suela
  • you usually do (present, imperfect, subjunctive) sueles, solías, suelas
  • he she it usually does (present, imperfect, subjunctive) suele, solía, suela
  • we usually do (present, imperfect, subjunctive) solemos, solíamos, solamos
  • they, you(pl) usually do (present, imperfect, subjunctive) suelen, solían, suelan
  • I usually listen to music when I’m on the bus suelo escuchar música cuando estoy en el bus
  • he used to be my best friend solía ser mi mejor amigo
  • they used to dance tango solían bailar el tango
  • to (usually) do a soler

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