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  • rags old, ragged clothes
  • bibel is Christians holy book, guidebook
  • basement another word for basement is cellar and it's the floor under first floor in for exemple a house
  • lazy When you don't want to work or use energy
  • grim When you are kind of sad.
  • simpel Another word of easy
  • short short is the opposite of tall
  • protagonist the main character of a book or some other form of entertainment
  • frown It's when you wrinkle your forehead.
  • School uniform It´s a uniform the pupils must have in school
  • "it made my day" It's like a thing that made you happy and glad. It was the best thing that happend that day.
  • Humble being humble means to know what your place is ...nothing more, nothing less that what you are
  • "first come first served" In the book it means that the first persons too take a computer got it that break.
  • Chores something you are doing
  • Charity shop it is a shop where second-hand goods are sold to raise money for charity
  • Wrinkles You can get ______ when you get older and it is when your skin is no longer smooth.
  • "It was doing my head in" It makes someone so irritable that they go crazy.
  • "grown up free zone" a place where there is no adults to annoy you
  • Antagonist the character who is opposing the main character (the protagonist)
  • "full belt" is when you for example run or drive as fast as you can
  • Abomination something or an action that is disliked.
  • Nits In this case they mean that it’s like a contaminan that you don’t want to come close to. It could be a vermin or something disgusting. You can use it as an offence because it’s not an actuall contaminant.
  • The meek shall inherit the earth If you are compassionate you will be rewarded. Karma has your back.
  • "it's no big deal" it means something that's not a big trouble like if your phone is dead just load it again it's not a big problem
  • Raggedy-Ann is one of Martha's nicknames. It is actually a sort of doll made of old clothes.
  • Snig : drag a log along the ground by a chain fastened at one end. The word is common in Australian and NZ English

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