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  • hindsight understanding a past event only after it has happend
  • diverge go in separate directions
  • undergrowth mass of small bushes or plants growing under trees
  • fair beautiful
  • claim right/argument for getting something
  • wear continous use of something over time
  • hence from this time
  • fledgling formed, new
  • promote encourage, sponsor
  • prevalent common, widespread
  • be centered occur mainly in or around a certain place
  • setting location, place
  • prolific productive, producing a lot
  • keenness enthusiasm, eagerness
  • body large amount
  • showcase show the best qualities of something
  • give rise to create, lead to
  • found launch, start
  • transcendental relating to a spiritual life, not understood in ordinary ways
  • exert apply, use
  • convey communicate, express
  • disillusionment disappointment, cynicism
  • representative typical, symbolic
  • foresee predict, expect
  • peer person with the same rank, social standing

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