engelska glosor the innocent

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  • suburb Countryside village, edge of a large city
  • worship show much respect for someone or something (pray)
  • spectacular wondeful, impressive, dramatic
  • wiseass smartass, big mouth
  • The Ivy Leagues 8 very prestigious colleges
  • sophomore Second year of high school/college
  • beckon Signal, call/attracts you
  • fair amount not too much or too little, average, "lagom"
  • Stain (verb) discolor something, leaves a mark
  • reddening if you feel ashamed and your face turns red
  • methodically in a systematic way/fashion
  • dishonor Lack of honor, blame, disrespectful
  • frantically Emotionally, out of control, uncontrollably
  • scatter To spread, to separate, being thrown in random directions
  • hotshot Skillful, successful
  • prosecutor Someone who accuses the defendant
  • verdict In court decision free or guilty
  • imprisonment To put someone in prison, isolation, the feeling of being locked up
  • offshoot an extension from the original version
  • bizarre Very strange, unusual, odd
  • crimson red A strong red color

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