Engelska Language Module 1 pt2

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  • in other words i.e
  • very funny hilarious
  • fish of northern Atlantic waters cod
  • to eat up greedily devour
  • far-reaching, deep profound
  • an opinion formed beforehand prejudice
  • on the other hand however
  • to reach critical or crucial stage come to a head
  • the outer parts or area outskirts
  • inhabitant of Switzerland swizz
  • to express polite refusal decline
  • a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land real estate agent
  • leather with a fine velvet-like surface suede
  • making claim to distinction or importance pretentious
  • impulsive and unpredictable capricious
  • a sense of deep regret and guilt for something they did remorse
  • an attorney who advises clients on legal matters solicitor

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