Engelskaprov 15 feb 2018 Latin words

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  • Id est i.e that means
  • Et cetera etc and so on
  • Curriculum vitae C.V personally letter
  • Carpe diem seize the day
  • Ad libitum ad lib as wished, efter eget tycke
  • Ante meridiem a.m before mid day
  • Nota bene N.B OBS
  • Summa summarum in total
  • Per capita per head
  • Magnus opus masterpiece
  • Post scriptum P.S additions to letter
  • Vice versa the other way around
  • Amor vincit omnia love conquers all
  • Quod erat demonstrandum Q.E.D w.w.w.w.w.
  • Via Via
  • Veto veto
  • Requiescat in pace RIP
  • Rigor mortis rigidity of a corpse

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