Essayer, Porter, Montrer

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  • essayer to try
  • j'essaye I try
  • tu essayes you try (singular, informal)
  • il essaye he tries
  • elle essaye she tries
  • on essaye one tries (or we try)
  • nous essayons we try
  • vous essayez you try (formal, plural)
  • ils essayent they try (plural, male or mixed)
  • elles essayent they try (female, plural)
  • Porter to wear
  • je porte I wear
  • tu portes you wear (singular, informal)
  • il porte he wears
  • elle porte she wears
  • on porte one wears (or we wear )
  • nous portons we wear
  • vous portez you wear (formal, plural)
  • ils portent they wear (plural, masculine or mixed)
  • elles portent they wear (feminine, plural)
  • montrer to show
  • je montre I show
  • tu montres you show (singular, informal)
  • il montre he shows
  • elle montre she shows
  • on montre one shows (or we show)
  • nous montrons we show
  • vous montrez you show (formal, plural)
  • ils montrent they show (male, plural)
  • elles montrent they show (female, plural)

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