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  • Bundle of sticks many sticks tied together
  • Summon to tell someone to come to you (and they have to come)
  • Parting advice good tips you get before someone dies/leaves
  • Servant a person who works for you (most of the time in your house) and gets paid
  • Faggot same thing as a bundle
  • Strained tried REALLY hard
  • Untie to loosen or undo a knot, in this case to separate a bundle so you can remove the sticks one by one
  • Disputing arguing, discussing; when we do not think the same or agree
  • Maiden a young woman; a virgin (she has not had sex)
  • Duly performed done in a proper and fitting (good) way
  • Becomingly a way of being, acting or looking that is nice, polite and looks good in a special situation
  • Pounce to jump and try to catch something (a mouse f. ex.) when you land
  • Pitcher a glass flask that you have liquid (f. ex. water) in. You pour from it into a drinking glass
  • Beak a ‘bird nose’
  • Despair to be very sad (or perhaps even frustrated or angry), and do not know what to do about something that is not going well
  • Pebble A small stone
  • Mount up to become bigger and bigger, rise higher and higher
  • Quench to put something out or make something stop

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