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  • to accept accepter
  • to like, to love aimer
  • to cancel annuler
  • to bring apporter
  • to catch attraper
  • to increase augumenter
  • to chat bavarder
  • to break casser
  • to look for charcher
  • to order commander
  • to cut couper
  • to dance danser
  • to have lunch déjeuner
  • to ask demander
  • to draw dessiner
  • to give donner
  • to borrow emprunter
  • to remove enlever
  • to study étudier
  • to express exprimer
  • to win, to earn gagner
  • to keep garder
  • to live habiter
  • to wash laver
  • to eat manger
  • to deserve mérite
  • to forget oublier
  • to carry porter
  • to lend prêter
  • to refuse refuser
  • to watch regarder
  • to greet saluer
  • to jump sauter
  • to fall tomber
  • to work travailler
  • to visit (a place) visiter

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