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  • nothing nani mo -masen
  • no one dare mo -masen
  • what is an tte nan desu ka
  • that’s nice Ii desu ne
  • what month nan-gatsu
  • what time is it ima nan-ji desu ka
  • have a nice trip itterasshai
  • one person hitori
  • two people futari
  • how many people nan-nin
  • person counter -nin
  • how many small objects ikutsu
  • how many flat objects nan-mai
  • how many long thin objects nan-bon
  • go for a walk sampo o shimasu
  • play golf gorufu o shimasu
  • not much amari
  • often yoku
  • this coming kondo
  • my country kuni
  • every day mainichi
  • every morning maiasa
  • every evning maiban
  • every week maishu
  • how was? do deshita ka
  • that’s good yokatta desu
  • won’t you -masen ka
  • where should -masho ka
  • let’s masho
  • there is going to be arimasu
  • together issho ni
  • I’m sorry but it’s not convinient zannen desu ga, tsugo ga warui desu
  • talk hanashi o shimasu
  • this evning komban
  • before no mae ni
  • after no ato de
  • how long donogurai

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