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  • True stories are sometimes hard to believe.
  • One suh story happened in Sydney, Australia in 1935.
  • But it is a true story whether you believe it or not.
  • The story began when the owners of an aquarium wanted to catch a shark alive.
  • They went fishing near Sydney.
  • They put meat on a big hook and dangled it in the water.
  • Soon, a shark swam up and ate the meat and the hook.
  • Then a bigger shak swam up and ate the first shark.
  • The bigger shark was a tiger shark and it was four metres long.
  • The men pulled it onto the bat, took it back to Sydney and put it in their aquarium.
  • But the tiger shark was ill and did not survive.
  • Before it died, it vomited in the aquarium. In the vomit was a human arm.
  • The arm had rope tied around the wrist and a tattoo of two men boxing.
  • The owners of the aquarium immediately rang the police. Experts examined the arm and the vomit.
  • They concluded that the arm had been in the stomach of the little shark.
  • But the strange thing was that the shark hadn't bitten the arm off someone's shoulder. No the experts agreed that the arm had been cut off with a knife!This was a murder case.
  • The police took fingerprints. They searched their records and found out that the arm had belonged to a man called James Smith.
  • They went to James Smith's house to investigate but nobody had seen him for two weeks. James had told his wife that he was going fishing but he never returned.
  • The police weren't satisfied. They asked lots of questions everywhere and discovered something interesting.
  • Before James Smith went missing, he had been hanging round with two criminals. Patrick Brady and Reginald Holmes.
  • The police questioned both Brady and Homes. Eventually, Holmes told them that Brady had murdered James Smith.
  • Then Brady had forced Holmes to dump the body into the sea. Holmes said he was frightened of Brady because Brady had threatened to kill him if he went to the police.
  • Brady was arrested and chraged with murder. But the murder trial never happened.
  • Not lonf after Brady was arrested, somebody shot Holmes dead. There were no other witnesses to the murder of James Smith and the case was dropped.
  • So, even now, after all these years, we don't know who shot Reginald Holmes.
  • And we are not sure who murdered James Smith and then cut off his arm.
  • All we know for sure is that James Smith was murdered. And we know that because a tiger shark vomited in an aquarium.

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