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  • cliché an idea/expression that has been used too much
  • spearhead the front figure
  • for a song buy something for less than It’s worth
  • lynchpin things that makes something stable.
  • panacea something that solve all our problems
  • autocracy is a system of goverment by one person with absolute power
  • groundswell many of the population have the same opinion
  • amass collect a large amount of items over a period of time
  • ruthlessy a person who dosen’t have campassion for others
  • unencumbered you have no bruden or inpediment
  • to contend with you struggle with something
  • lax not sufficiently strict, severe or careful
  • whim sudden desire or change of mind
  • aftermath consequences of a significant unpleasant event
  • paramount when something is more important than enything else
  • figuratively when you use metaphors to indicate deviation from literal use of words
  • brittleness easily broken
  • vulnerability person who easily can get broke or attacked
  • homogenized changed so that all the parts become the same or very similar

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