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  • cliché is an idea or expression that have been used top much.
  • spearhead is the front figure, a leader of a group
  • for a song very cheaply for its worth
  • lynchpin things that make something stable
  • panacea is a solution for all diseases
  • autocracy is a system of goverment by one person with absolute power
  • groundswell many people have the same opinion
  • amass collect togheter for example a large number of material over a period of time
  • ruthlessly that a person dosen’t have compassion for others
  • unencumbered means that you don’t have ang problems
  • to contend with you are struggeling with something
  • lax means that you don’t care
  • whim you change your mind unexplained
  • aftermath consequenses
  • paramount something is more important than anything else
  • figaratively metaphorically
  • brittleness easily broken
  • vulnerability people get easily hyrt, emotions
  • homogenized very similar

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