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  • person / company that sells good directly to the public retailer
  • several, many numerous
  • formal: spread slowly percolate
  • limitless, can not be satisfied insatiable
  • rejected, thrown away discarded
  • guessed, reckoned estimated
  • most important, central fundamental
  • short-lived trend fad
  • wish that is very unlikely to come true pipe dream
  • discussion, debate; consideration deliberation
  • possible, achievable attainable
  • lacking, inadequate poor
  • formal; manage to get a certain reaction / information for someone elicit
  • ambition, goal aspiration
  • self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking hedonistic
  • ignore, pretend not to see turn a blind eye
  • primitive, natural primeval
  • able to be dissolved soluble
  • basic, integral, innate inherent
  • something bought or sold commodity

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