Glosor till Mandarin prov :Lesson 12

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  • quánshēn all over (the body)
  • quán whole
  • shēn body
  • shūfu comfortable
  • měi every, each
  • duànliàn to have physical training
  • tóu head
  • téng painful, sore
  • sǎngzi throat
  • xiǎng to think, to want
  • yīyuan hospital
  • kànbìng to see a doctor
  • bìng illness;to get sick
  • shēntǐ body, health
  • yào must, want (to do something)
  • ba (a modal particle)
  • háishi or
  • yìqǐ together
  • lěng cold
  • chuān to wear
  • yīfu clothes

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