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  • (으)러 가다 to go, to come, to attend. action verbs
  • (으)ㄹ래요? you want to? action verbs
  • (으)ㄴ nounmodifier, present tense stative verb, (는/있다
  • noun modifier, present tense action verb
  • 는 것 action verbs into nouns
  • (으)ㄴ past tense, action verbs, noun modifier
  • (으)ㄹ future tense, action verbs, noun modifier
  • (으)ㄴ 후에 after doing something, action verb
  • 후에 after that time or action, nouns
  • 기 전에 before doing something, action verbs
  • (으)ㄹ 때 when, 았/었 action is completed, 때 at the time of
  • (으)ㄹ래요 action verbs i want to
  • (으)면 if, when
  • (으)ㄹ까요? shall we, shall i, i wonder (listeners opinion)
  • 는/(으)ㄴ/(으)ㄹ 것 같다 it seems, appears, i think. past, now, future, action verbs
  • (으)ㄴ/(으)ㄹ 것 같다 it seems, appears, now, future, i think, stative verbs
  • 마다 time or place/every or each, noun
  • of or is (ownership noun) billys
  • 거나 or, verbs
  • (이)나 or, nouns
  • 기 때문에 because, since, verbs
  • 때문에 because of, nouns
  • (으)ㄹ게요 i will, action verbs
  • 고 있다 being, action verbs
  • 는데/(으)ㄴ데 background info
  • (으)려고 하다 expresses an intention or plan, action verbs 1.
  • (으)려고 하다 be about to event is about to occur, action verbs
  • 아/어 보다 try, experience, action verbs
  • 아/어 봤다 try, experience, past tense
  • (으)려고 intending to 았/었다 x action verbs
  • 아야/어야 되다 to have to, must
  • 아도/어도 되다 it is alright to do, action verbs
  • (으)면 안 되다 not allowed to, action verbs
  • 아/어 본 작이 있/없다 experience or lack of, action verbs
  • 기로 하다 one decision, determination, promise to do something, action verbs
  • 다가 while doing, change or shift of action, action verbs
  • i will, strong (me)
  • 았으면/었으면 좋겠다 i wish, i would like
  • (으)면서 while two actions coexist (same person)
  • (으)ㄹ까 하다 to think about doing (maybe) action verbs
  • (으)ㄹ 줄 알다/모르다 to know/ not to know/ how to do, action verbs
  • 는 중이다, 중이다 action in progress, action verbs
  • 아지다/어지다 to become, change in state, stative verb
  • 처럼 to be like, noun
  • (으)니까 when... i found/ realized 았/었 x action verbs
  • 기 위해서 for the sake of, for the purpose, in order to, action verbs
  • 는다면/ㄴ 다면 if, hypothesizing
  • 에 대해서 about noun, 이야기하다, 배우다, 생각하다, 알다, 모르다
  • 네요 often with surprise or wonder, verbs

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