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  • Chuugoku China
  • Kankoku Korea
  • Nihon Japan
  • Nihongo Japanese
  • Hitori One person
  • Futari Two people
  • Sannin Three people
  • Kodomo Child
  • Sensei Teacher
  • Tomodachi Friend
  • Kazoku family
  • kaishain Office worker
  • shigoto Work
  • namae Name
  • haha Own mother
  • chichi Own father
  • otousan Father
  • okaasan mother
  • onesan Older sister
  • oniisan Older brother
  • otootosan Younger brother
  • imoutosan Younger sister
  • Dare desu ka Who is this?
  • Oikutsu desu ka How old are you?
  • Doko ni Where
  • Sundemasu Is living in
  • Dochira kara Where are you from
  • Dekimasu Can
  • dekimasen Can not
  • Bankyou chuu desu Is studying

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