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  • Hello Namaste
  • my name is Julia meraa naam Julia hai
  • nice too meet you aap se milkar khushi hui
  • thank you dhanyavaad
  • thank you very much bahut dhanyavaad
  • thank you (urdu) shukriyaa
  • thank you very much (urdu) bahut shukriyaa
  • you´re welcome svaagat hai
  • it´s nothing koii baath nahee
  • forgive me, please maaf kiijiye
  • I´m sorry (informal) maaf karo
  • do you speak english? kyaa aap angrezii bolte hain?
  • a little thodi bahut
  • no, I don´t nahiin
  • yes haan
  • hello (not namaste) namaskar
  • goodbye alvida
  • see you later phir milenge
  • how much does this cost? yah kitne kaa hai?
  • 1 - 10 ek do tiin chaar paanch che saat aath nau das
  • how are you? aap kaise hain?
  • I´m fine, thank you mian theek hoon, dhanyavaad

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