HINDI Compound postpositions

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  • towards kii taraf
  • inside ke ãdar
  • in front of, ahead of ke aage
  • on top of ke uupar
  • beneath, below ke niice
  • before ke/se pahle
  • near ke paas
  • behind ke piiche
  • after ke baad
  • about, concerning ke baare m~e
  • outside ke baahar
  • for ke lie
  • at the place of ke yahãa
  • facing, opposite ke saamne
  • towards home ghar kii taraf
  • inside the room kamre ke ãdar
  • in front of the post office daakghar ke aage
  • on top of the bus bas ke uupar
  • under the table mez ke niice
  • before friday ´sukravar se pahle
  • near the trees perõ ke paas
  • behind the veil parde ke piiche
  • after this iske baad
  • about this matter is baat ke baare m~e
  • outside the room kamre ke baahar
  • for the children baccõ ke lie
  • at Pinkie's place pimkii ke yahãa
  • opposite your house tere ghar ke saamne

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