HINDI Verbs #1

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  • to come aanaa
  • to do karnaa
  • to say to se kahnaa
  • to eat khaanaa
  • to go, to move calnaa
  • to go jaanaa
  • to see, to look dekhnaa
  • to give denaa
  • to read, to study parhnaa
  • piinaa to drink, to smoke
  • to ask of se puuchnaa
  • to tell bataanaa
  • to call, to invite bulaanaa
  • to sit baithnaa
  • to beat, to hit maarnaa
  • to bring laanaa
  • to write likhnaa
  • to take, to receive lenaa
  • to listen, to hear sunnaa
  • to be, to become honaa
  • listen! sun
  • go! jaa
  • give! de
  • come!! aao
  • write!! likho
  • sit!! baitho
  • please eat! khaaie
  • please say! kahie
  • please read! parhie
  • please be so kind as to sit baithiega
  • kindly come tomorrow kal aaiegaa
  • you also should kindly write a letter aap bhii ek patr likhiegaa
  • please listen, excuse me sunie
  • please do! kiijie
  • please take! liijie
  • please give! diijie
  • please drink! piijie
  • take!! lo
  • give!! do
  • tell me!! mujhse kaho
  • don't ask Papa!! paapaa se na puucho
  • don't eat that paan! vah paan mat khaa
  • take this money!! yah paisaa lo
  • please listen with care! dhyaan se sunie
  • kindly write their name unka naam likhiegaa
  • write a letter from London landan se khhat likhnaa

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