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  • Animal Cell (H&E)
  • Cell proliferation markers, Nucleus, Ki-67 (IMH)
  • golgi apparatus, spinal ganglion neurons (silver)
  • nucleoli, hepatocytes
  • nucleoli, neurocytes (H&E)
  • rough endoplasmic reticulum, neurons
  • cilia, oviduct epithelium (PAS/H&E)
  • desmosomes, epidermis (blue-purple stain)
  • desmosomes, gingiva
  • glycogen granules, liver cells (Bests carmine + PAS)
  • lipid inclusions, liver cells
  • lymph node macrophages (trypan blue)
  • microvilli, nephron tubules (PAS)
  • pseudostratified ciliated epithelium
  • simple squamous epithelium, mesothelium
  • stratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium
  • transitional epithelium
  • adipose tissue (H&E)
  • loose irregular connective tissue
  • mast cells
  • mesenchyme
  • plasma cells
  • reticular tissue (H&E)
  • tendon, cross section
  • tendon, longitudinal section
  • axon-muscular synapse
  • fater-pacini corpuscle (H&E)
  • myelinated nerve fibers, node of Ranvier, Schmidt-Lanterman cleft
  • neurons
  • peripheral nerve, epineurium, perineurium, endoneurium (H&E)
  • plexus choroideus (H&E)
  • spinal ganglion (H&E)
  • vegetative ganglion (H&E)
  • astrocytes (IHC, GFAP)
  • cortex cerebelli, layers: pia mater, molecular, ganglionic, granular, white matter
  • cortex cerebri, layers: molecular, ex. granular, ex. pyramidal, in. granular, in. pyramidal, polymorphic

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