Integrated Korean Language class pt1

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  • 경게학 economics
  • 교과서 textbook
  • 교실 classroom
  • 내일 tomorrow
  • class
  • 사걸 dictionary
  • 수업 course, class
  • 시간 time
  • 여자 woman
  • 오늘 today
  • 우산 umbrella
  • 질문 question
  • home
  • 친구 friend
  • 컴퓨터 computer
  • 누구 who
  • 인사하다 to greet
  • 읽다 to read
  • 앖다 to not be, to not have - Dictionary form
  • 앖어요 to not be, to not have
  • 있다 to be, to have - Dictionary form
  • 있어요 to have, to be
  • 그런데 but, however

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