Integrated University campus pt1

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  • 가방 bag
  • 기숙사 dormitory
  • 대학교 college
  • 도서관 library
  • 유니온 빌딩 union building
  • 시계 clock, watch
  • 식당 restaurant
  • the inside
  • the front
  • the back, behind
  • the side, beside
  • 어디 what place, where (question word)
  • 우체국 post office
  • the top side, above
  • the bottom, below
  • 의자 chair
  • book
  • 책방 bookstore
  • 책상 desk
  • 캠퍼스 campus
  • 학교 school
  • 학생회관 student center
  • floor layer (counter)
  • 있다 to be - Dictionary form
  • 있어요 to be
  • 저어 uh (hesitation)
  • in, at, on (indicates a static location)

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