Irregular verbs; part 7

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  • sleep, slept, slept sova
  • slide, slid, slid glida
  • smell, smelt/smelled, smelt/smelled lukta
  • sneak, snuck/sneaked, snuck/sneaked smyga
  • sow, sowed, sown/sowed sy
  • speak, spoke, spoken tala, prata
  • spell, spelt/spelled, spelt/spelled stava
  • spend, spent, spent spendera
  • spill, spilt/spilled, spilt/spilled spilla
  • spin, spun, spun spinna
  • spit, spit/spat, spit/spat spotta
  • split, split, split dela
  • spoil, spoilt/spoiled, spoilt/spoiled förstöra
  • spread, spread, spread sprida
  • stand, stood, stood stå

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