Italienska verb

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  • sono I am
  • sei you are, singular
  • è she/he is
  • siamo we are
  • siete you are, plural
  • sono they are
  • ho I have
  • hai you have, singular
  • ha she/he has
  • abbiamo we have
  • avete you have, plural
  • hanno they have
  • mi chiamo my name is
  • ti chiami your name is, singular
  • si chiama her/his name is
  • ci chiamiamo our names are
  • vi chiamate your names are, plural
  • si chiamano their names are
  • parlo I speak
  • parli you speak, singular
  • parla she/he speak
  • parliamo we speak
  • parlate you speak, plural
  • parlano they speak
  • dormo I sleep
  • dormi you sleep, singular
  • dorme she/he sleep
  • dormiamo we sleep
  • dormite you sleep, plural
  • dormono they sleep
  • preferisco I prefer
  • preferisci you prefer, singular
  • preferisce she/he prefer
  • preferiamo we prefer
  • preferite you prefer, plural
  • preferiscono they prefer
  • capisco I understand
  • capisci you understand, singular
  • capisce she/he understand
  • capiamo we understand
  • capite you understand, plural
  • capiscono they understand
  • finisco I finish
  • finisci you finish, singular
  • finisce she finish
  • finiamo we finish
  • finite you finish, plural
  • finiscono they finish
  • posso/ so I can/ can I
  • puoi/ sai you can/ can you
  • può/ sa can she/ she can
  • possiamo/ sappiamo can we/ we can
  • potete/ sapete you can/ can you, plural
  • possono/ sanno they can/ can they
  • voglio/ devo I want/ I must
  • vuoi/ devi you want/ you must, singular
  • vuole/ deve she want/ she must
  • vogliamo/ dobbiamo we want/ we must
  • volete/ dovete you want/ you must, plural
  • vogliono/ devono they want/ they must
  • vado/ faccio I go/ I do
  • vai/ fai you go/ you do, singular
  • va/ fa she go/ she do
  • andiamo/ facciamo we go/ we do
  • andate/ fate you go/ you do, plural
  • vanno/ fanno they go/ they do
  • do/ vengo/ dico I give/ I come/ I say
  • dai/ vieni/ dici you give/ you come/ you say
  • dà/ viene/ dice she give/ she come/ she say
  • diamo/ veniamo/ diciamo we give/ we come/ we say
  • date/ venite/ dite you give/ you come/ you say, plural
  • danno/ vengono/ dicono they give/ they come/ they say
  • mio/ mia/ miei/ mie my
  • tuo/ tua/ tuoi/ tue your, singular
  • suo/ sua/ suoi/ sue his/her
  • nostro/ nostra/ nostri/ nostre our
  • vostro/ vostra/ vostri/ vostre your, plural

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